Clutter Consultants – Are They Worth the Money?

A clutter consultant is someone who can look at whatever mess you have and come up with a solution to organize it. Some people say anyone can do that, yet more and more DIY shows are focusing on the topic or organization. There always seems to be a demand for how to clean up a room. I believe this is a more wide spread problem today because we all seem to be more busy and have more stuff than previous generations. Whatever the reason for the increased amount of clutter out there, hiring a clutter consultant would appear to also address the issue of being too busy to deal with the mess.

A clutter consultant can quickly assess how bad off your mess is. They are experienced in occurrences of disorganization of all shapes and sizes. Once they determine the extent of the, let’s say, project, they can come up with a plan to deal with it. Most of the time this plan will involve sorting in order to figure out what stuff should stay and what should go. They can also give you suggestions on whether you should use your existing storage items (furniture, shelves, etc.) to hold the stuff you are going to keep or purchase new ones.

It is completely understanding to not want to spend money on something you are not sure will give you value. To justify the fee for a clutter consultant, it is best to look at it this way. If you don’t hire one and try to buy organization products yourself, you may or may not buy the right ones to maximize the use of your space. These products could also be of the wrong quality of material and won’t withstand the abuse you will put them through. Plus, your inexperience with organizational products could waste valuable time. What I am trying to say is the experience that a consultant has can greatly increase the chances of you quickly selecting and buying the best products to fit your space that will last the longest. These aspects can save you money in the long run.

Some people avoid organizing a space because they are overwhelmed by all the organizing products out in the market. I know I didn’t organize my closet for a long time because I wasn’t sure what shelves or rods or drawers I should use to maximize my space.

A clutter consultant, who has good knowledge of the organizational products available, will help you determine the best products to fit in your space. They will measure your space and ask you how you plan to use it. With that information, the consultant plans out the best combination of organizational products out of the many options of closet storage systems for you and your space.