Clutter Consultants – Are They Worth the Money?

A clutter consultant is someone who can look at whatever mess you have and come up with a solution to organize it. Some people say anyone can do that, yet more and more DIY shows are focusing on the topic or organization. There always seems to be a demand for how to clean up a room. I believe this is a more wide spread problem today because we all seem to be more busy and have more stuff than previous generations. Whatever the reason for the increased amount of clutter out there, hiring a clutter consultant would appear to also address the issue of being too busy to deal with the mess.

A clutter consultant can quickly assess how bad off your mess is. They are experienced in occurrences of disorganization of all shapes and sizes. Once they determine the extent of the, let’s say, project, they can come up with a plan to deal with it. Most of the time this plan will involve sorting in order to figure out what stuff should stay and what should go. They can also give you suggestions on whether you should use your existing storage items (furniture, shelves, etc.) to hold the stuff you are going to keep or purchase new ones.

It is completely understanding to not want to spend money on something you are not sure will give you value. To justify the fee for a clutter consultant, it is best to look at it this way. If you don’t hire one and try to buy organization products yourself, you may or may not buy the right ones to maximize the use of your space. These products could also be of the wrong quality of material and won’t withstand the abuse you will put them through. Plus, your inexperience with organizational products could waste valuable time. What I am trying to say is the experience that a consultant has can greatly increase the chances of you quickly selecting and buying the best products to fit your space that will last the longest. These aspects can save you money in the long run.

Some people avoid organizing a space because they are overwhelmed by all the organizing products out in the market. I know I didn’t organize my closet for a long time because I wasn’t sure what shelves or rods or drawers I should use to maximize my space.

A clutter consultant, who has good knowledge of the organizational products available, will help you determine the best products to fit in your space. They will measure your space and ask you how you plan to use it. With that information, the consultant plans out the best combination of organizational products out of the many options of closet storage systems for you and your space.

Hiring an Admissions Consultants For Kindergarten Or Preschool – Smart Idea Or Insanity?

If you live in a market where getting into preschool or kindergarten is highly competitive (i.e. New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C.), hiring an admissions consultant has become more common than you might imagine. In these cities, where getting into nursery school can be tougher than getting accepted to Harvard, having an expert on your side to guide you through this complicated process can be a powerful advantage. It doesn’t mean that you are a Type-A Momzilla who has gone off the deep end.

Finding the right school for your child is a big decision. Unless you’re an educator, what do you know about what each program offers and which would be best for your family and child? Someone who has been through the process many times with multiple families can steer you in the right direction, save you time, and prevent you from making mistakes that might hurt your child’s chances.

Here are some reasons you might choose to hire a consultant:

* Insider perspective. Admissions advisors can talk to you about what you’re looking for in a school and immediately recommend programs that fit your specifications. If you don’t know what you want, they can ask you questions that will clarify your priorities. They know things about schools that you would never learn on a tour or website. That kind of insider perspective can be invaluable.

* Knows what schools want. Advisors can tell you what to do that will improve your child’s chances to get into each program. For example, if you have focused your sights on one particular school, they may know that this school never admits kids with summer birthdays. They can advise you to wait a year or cross it off your list. Often, what you would do at one school for an advantage isn’t what you’d do at another school. How would you ever figure that out without prior experience?

* Loyal only to you. If you are relying on your nursery school director to help you get your child into kindergarten, she is responsible for placing multiple classes of children. Her goal is to get every child a space even if it means you don’t get your top choice.

* Helps you spend money wisely. If you are considering private school, you’re looking at paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition over the next thirteen years. A good advisor can give you confidence that your money will be well spent. Someone who knows the education options in your community might also steer your family to an excellent gifted program that would be perfect for your child and would save you a fortune in tuition.

* Knows how to judge fit. After a consultant gets to know you and your child, she can be very candid with you about the culture and dynamics of each school you are considering. If she tells you a particular school wouldn’t be a good fit, she probably knows what she is talking about.

* A knowledgeable sounding board. If you are a single parent, it is especially important to have someone in your corner to go through the process. If you don’t have a partner going through this with you, it is comforting to have someone intelligent to talk with, bounce ideas off of, and cry with when your child bites another kid during a group interview (not that yours ever would, of course).

Here are some reasons why you might choose not to hire a consultant:

They are expensive. Some will want you to hire them for a full package costing thousands of dollars to take you from beginning to end of the process. Others will be willing to work with you on an hourly basis on just the areas where you feel you need help.

* Admissions directors don’t always like them. Often, admissions directors frown on families that hire consultants. They prefer families that have the “confidence” to go through the process on their own and are suspicious of those that seek help. If you are working with your nursery school director for kindergarten admissions and she learns that you are talking to another “expert,” she will resent the intrusion. My advice is to keep the fact that you’re working with an advisor to yourself. The only exception to this is when you are moving into a market from out of town. Then admissions directors are more open to consultants.

* You can do it yourself. If you have the time and energy to do the research on your own, you can learn enough to make a wise decision. Most families do not hire consultants to help them through the admissions process and they are usually happy with the place they are able to secure for their child.

The Benefits of SharePoint Consultancy

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most popular platforms for organisations to collaborate on work tasks and pool resources. It works through a web-based portal which allows users to create resources such as extranets, project portals, and team websites. It has helped millions of businesses worldwide to streamline workflow, increase productivity and improve cross department communication.

If you are considering the implementation of Microsoft SharePoint, or MOSS as it is also known, then you have two options. You can either run the system on an in-house server or outsource the service to a hosted SharePoint provider. Regardless of which option you choose, you would be well advised to seek the advice of a trained Microsoft SharePoint consultant. The following article explains why.

Lack of Bias

SharePoint consultants are unbiased and will be able to advise you on the best solution for your business, not the best solution for the provider. They will take the time to get to know you and your individual circumstances, working with you to devise a package that meets your requirements. You will receive honest, impartial advice on all of the options which are available to you.


Most Microsoft SharePoint consultancy companies will only employ individuals who have passed a set of stringent examinations, which means they are well qualified and experienced in the very latest developments.

SharePoint Architecture

SharePoint consultants will be able to help you to deploy a bespoke SharePoint architecture which is custom made for your organisation and its requirements

Cost Savings

A SharePoint consultant will be able to help you by seeking out the most cost effective solution for your business, whether this be in-house or outsourced.

The main reason why most organisations would be well advised to outsource their SharePoint system is the huge costs which are involved in running it. In addition to the upfront cost of the hardware, maintaining an in house server requires a full time technician to manage it effectively. The cost of this can run into tens of thousands of pounds, meaning that this is simply not viable for most businesses.


Security of systems and data is one of the biggest headaches for most businesses. SharePoint consultants will be able to advise you on all of the security options which are available to you and help you to find either secure external hosting, or put in place measures to ensure that your in-house SharePoint server has adequate security provisions in place.

About The SharePoint Initiative: The SharePoint Initiative Ltd are a Specialist Microsoft SharePoint Consultancy which follows a Community based business model to streamline its approach, saving its Clients money and earning its member Consultants a more appropriate rate. Contact: The SharePoint Initiative Ltd

Roles of a Search Engine Optimization Consultant

Acne scar is the depressing side effects of break outs and pimples that is why one really needs to be proactive in the treatment acne to prevent scarring. Whenever a company or an established firm looks for better search engine rankings, they need to approach a Search Engine Optimization consultant. The common services offered by an SEO consultant includes getting a higher ranking for the website on the search engines’ list and improving the traffic for a particular firm’s website. The process involves bringing maximum users to the website. This can be possible only after producing attractive content on the website. Hence, an SEO consultant needs to consider the services of a content writer for this purpose.

The tasks for an SEO consultant are clearly defined. An able person precisely knows that to be done and how the traffic can be fetched. This requires articulation of website’s ranking and how quickly it can be achieved. Moreover, it is not a process that is done for once and left for the rest of the period. Search Engine Optimization is a continuous process that needs to be performed always. Analyzing the content of other websites and how the content has been arranged will pull afore the comparative skills of an expert to the fore.

An SEO consultant is also responsible for the arrangement of content on a website. Before developing the website content, an expert consultant needs to garner enough keywords through Analytics tools. These tools cover those keywords that are much in demand. The record is maintained through the number of hits a keyword receives on the search engine’s list. Also, keeping track of the data is another important factor. For example, whenever an article or blog has been posted, reviews must be sought immediately. These reviews will help in two ways; improving the traffic for the website and diverting new users towards the websites.

Performing certain actions like submission of articles and regular maintenance of blogs are the primary tasks of an SEO consultant. By submitting articles, the products and latest services offered by a firm can be better explained. This also serves to redirect traffic towards the website with the provision of backlinks.

Backlinks are normal links but directing users to a new website they redirect them back to the same website. This procedure is followed for gaining more traffic for the website and also to generate revenue for the websites without resorting unaccepted procedures. The demand for SEO consultants is huge as of now, because more and more websites are willing to utilize their services for the growth of their corresponding firms online.

Credit Card Debt Consultant – How to Get Credit Card Debt Relief

If you are in debt because of credit cards, you are not alone. Millions of people struggle every day with making their credit payments and some are unable to do so. These only cause more problems, because not only do fees and charges build up on your credit card bill, your credit report may be negatively affected. Free debt consolidation is obtainable through various strategies which we will discuss in this article. The worst thing you can do is stick your head in the sand and ignore your bills, this only leads to the more financial difficulty, so be prepared to face your money problems head on.

There is credit card debt consultant and debt relief consultants that will lump all your bills together and have you pay them a single payment each month which they will divide among your creditors. These companies can call your creditors and work out special deals such as reductions in fees and charges. Most of the companies are providing free debt consolidation to their customers. Some companies charge a fee for their services, but the Consumer Credit Counseling agency is nonprofit and provides their services at no cost to you. This route can benefit you if you are drowning in bills and find yourself mailing out lots of payments, and it may even save you money each month.

This being said, you should know that these debt relief consultants and credit card debt consultant do not have any special powers to do anything you cannot accomplish on your own. If you were to call all your creditors and explain your situation, they might be willing to work with you by lowering fees or even monthly payments. You would still be sending off a number of payments each month rather than just one, but if this is not inconvenient for you the do-it-yourself debt repair method may be a good choice – especially if your debt is not too substantial.

One of the first steps in finding credit card debt consultant and debt relief consultant is to sit down and make a budget. When you take a hard look at your income versus your expenses, you may find places where money could be saved and applied towards your debt. Keeping a spending journal can help you discover patterns and areas where money is being wasted unnecessarily. In any case, try to make more than your minimum payment each month, even if it is just a few dollars extra as this will help you pay off your credit cards more quickly. Finally, there are some well established and experienced organizations are providing these services to their clients. For more information and details, please do not hesitate to visit their valuable website.

Hire SEO Consultants Or SEO Experts For Your Website to Succeed

If you are an internet user, you have probably had to search for information on the World Wide Web. In most instances, you probably did not have a specific website you were looking for; however, you were looking for a certain topic and you understood what you wanted to find. To get to the information you required, you probably used a search engine such as MSN, Google or Yahoo. To carry out your search you were required to key in certain words that were relevant to your search query. If you typed in exactly what you wanted, you probably were able to retrieve the information from amongst the first websites that the search brought up. Did you ever stop to think how these searches work, and why the websites are arranged in the order they appear when you search for information? Owners of websites can actually improve their results by hiring SEO Consultants or SEO Experts using search engine optimization.

This information is very important to people who operate and run businesses online as well as internet blogs. Especially to those who advertise on the internet. It is so significant that website owners often times hire people commonly known as SEO consultants to improve their results. SEO is short for search engine optimization. The words you used for your search are called search phrases. SEO experts are required to keep track of what searchers look for in the specific field that the website is involved in and help website owners improve their search engine results. The SEO consultants keep track of the workings of the search engines which are constantly changing. The expert will design and organize the webpage contents to fit in with the standards that have been set by the search engines that are in common use. SEO consultants ensure that the links within and pointing to the webpage contain the keywords of focus and also that the links are in abundance. Using SEO experts will definitely increase the ranking of your website within search listings that are pertaining to your specific field. Search engine optimization is not always done for keywords; it can also involve local events, images, and vertical searches.

At this point you may be thinking that you can do this on your own and why should I spend money on something that I can possibly do myself? These are both good questions. In defense of SEO experts, there is more to search engine optimization than simply putting terms in your website to achieve top search rankings. SEO is a form of marketing and is definitely a talent. It is common knowledge that the sale of a product or service is only as successful as the marketing behind the sales that are generated. Your website may be top ranked in certain searches but you may not be getting the relevant visitors to your site or page. SEO consultants can help you direct the customers you are targeting to your website. Because it is the work of these SEO experts to keep track of what people are searching for and the changes in search engine algorithm’s, talented individuals will know exactly what your site requires to attract your target audience. This is especially important for those who wish to advertise using the pay per click marketing system. Getting clicks from people who end up not buying anything will cost you a lot of money, so you must hire talented help. Having SEO consultants working on your online marketing initiatives will reduce this loss and increase your sales through natural search optimization and pay per click advertising campaigns.

Why Hire an Advertising/Marketing Consultant?

As a business owner, you have the option of taking several different approaches to handling your Marketing and Advertising. You may choose to handle the responsibility yourself, with the idea that no one understands your business quite the way you do.. You may also consider hiring a full time marketing manager or even assigning the tasks, as they arise, to someone already working within your organization. Consider this… When your business needs plumbing work do you do it yourself? Hire a plumber to be on staff full time? Or ask your accountant to handle it?

Call in the Experts.

Though some advertising and marketing ventures seems simple enough to be handled ”in house”, nothing is as costly as a marketing misfire. Not only may you be sending out the wrong messages, to the wrong markets, but also by the time you catch it, your budget may be in no shape to recover and redirect. The truth is, no one can do the job as effectively and efficiently as someone who lives and breathes the industry everyday. Plus, the added perk of consistent media contacts that will prove to be financially beneficial to your business.

Seeing the forest and the trees.

When you hire a consultant you hire an objective opinion, as well as a fresh point of view. Sometimes a business may lose perspective on itself by being too heavily immersed in the day-to-day operations, and lose itself in the big picture, missing the small details… or vice-versa. Sadly, sometimes a business’s marketing will clearly reflect this. The president of a private jet company’s focus is on the bells and whistles of his fleet. It’s what he sees as important in his view of his business. Inevitably, his marketing may also focus on this portion of his business, ignoring what he is really selling to his potential clients: The feeling and the status of private jets.

If you add another ball, technically it is juggling.

If you, as a business owner, or an employee take on the added tasks of the marketing of the business, attention is being taken from other projects and responsibilities. Inescapably, focus and demands are bound to pull from one and take away from others until something falls to the floor. Consultants are dedicated to one, and only one, portion of your business. Their focus is committed, and they allow you to keep yours where it should be.

The Gumby Factor.

Consultants are very flexible. Immediately ready and available to take on assignments at a moment’s notice. Accessibility to getting a new project off the ground is just a phone call away. On the other hand, trying to hire a new employee specifically to handle your marketing needs takes valuable time to places ads; conduct interviews and then sort through applicants, hoping to find the right person for the job.

The M -Word Money.

When you total up the actual cost of bringing on a new employee, you will most likely find that hiring a consultant is much more cost effective. The hourly rates may seem to favor a full time employee, but when you factor in employee benefits, training time, vacation/sick time, 401(k), the added overhead involved in situating a new employee, and the sheer fact that you may be paying full time wages for something that may not need full time attention, the cost effectiveness will fall in favor of a consultant. Which bring us to….

The C- Word Commitment.

Hiring a full time employee is a commitment. And bringing on an employee to handle a special marketing project, or set up an initial marketing plan, may in the long run leave you scrambling to find a new project or position for that employee. Or worse yet, you find yourself paying a full time marketing director to do basic maintenance. Hiring a consultant requires no long-term commitment. When a consultant completes a project, they have the flexibility to move into whatever position you need them, from quarterly analysis, to basic maintenance, to completely out of the picture, but on the sidelines when you’re ready to take a new step forward.

“There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt

Starting a Startup Business? Choose the Right Business Consulting Firm for Success

Being your own boss is the dream of many and lately, the instinct seems to be taking the world by storm. People are now more inclined to start their own firm, it seems to lure many people and running an own business shows the larger than life picture, however, the reality is a bit different. As an entrepreneur willing to start a new business you need to understand the market, do the need analysis and many researches before executing your plan. You might be budding with business startup ideas but mere planning will not help you succeed, rather you need a right plan of action to succeed.

The upsurge of small business consulting firms has proven to be a panacea for startups. They offer the consultation and startup mentoring services which work as a guide for entrepreneurs to successfully implement and execute their business plan. Not only it supports the Business Startup Ideas but provides feedback to improve the business plan which helps in removing bottlenecks usually faced by startups.

Why do you need startup mentoring?

There is no denial to the fact that many startups fail in their nascent stage, and they may have a number of reasons for the same, the likes include entrepreneurs being naiveté and lack of supportive startup ecosystem, lack of funds, poor market conditions and much more. But, the most important factor that most of the startups miss is a lack of guidance, inspiration, and feedback from small business consulting firms and no startup mentoring. It might sound absurd to a few strong-headed entrepreneurs to take the support of a mentor to execute their business plan but these firms are a must to make your business successful.

Startup Mentoring – your ultimate supporter and motivator

In the lead to succeed, most of the entrepreneurs break rules or make mistakes which they are not even aware of, these mistakes, however, can adversely affect their business. Also, many times as an aspiring business builder you find yourself stuck in a situation where you don’t know how to proceed. Startup Business Consulting firms and mentors work as a savvy guide who constantly provides you feedback.

Initially, you may be having a lack of confidence but with the mentorship of a good startup mentor, you can move ahead with confidence and without hesitation.

How to find the right startup consulting firm or a startup mentor for your company:

You are entrusting your faith and vision on a person who will be your mentor or support or guide, hence, it is very important that you have a strong relationship with them and at the same time, it’s important that your startup mentor’s or consulting firm’s vision should coincide with yours. A good startup has the following qualities:

  • An expert-level experience
  • Already a successful entrepreneur
  • Are patient and action oriented
  • A harsh critic yet supportive

Before moving ahead and getting associated with any firm or person, as an entrepreneur you should check for the aforementioned qualities.

What does a good startup mentor do?

A good startup consulting firm or a mentor will:

  • Listen to your concept and give honest feedback
  • Will give you time and talk through your areas of difficulties. Since they carry with them good amount of experience, they also share their experience which helps you understand your problems and come up with right solution
  • They are action oriented and hence, always suggest practical ways on how to start a business by making optimum use of available resources


You must accept the fact that it takes a village to become a successful entrepreneur, of course, your vision and idea is important but what’s paramount is its right and timely execution which only comes with the right support system. The upsurge of companies like Virgin startup is a move to support and guide the newbies in the business world to succeed and survive.

Using Balanced Scorecard Creation Consulting for Company Efficiency

In 1992, the balanced scorecard was established by David Norton and Robert Kaplan. Since then, this has been one of the most used strategy deployment methodology ever created for businesses. However, even though the BSC is widely used today, there are still a lot of companies that are having trouble when it comes to deploying the scorecard technique. The secret here is all in the creation phase. You have to nail this stage for the development of the balanced scorecard to be effective. Beginners like you may find this a real daunting task but you can always look for assistance from other organizations. Search for a company with a good reputation that will help you in generating your corporate or departmental BSC. They can offer you with balanced scorecard creation consulting.

According to a research, 90% of the companies in the United States can create their own strategy for their business but they find it hard to implement it. The percentage becomes bigger in the Asian region because strategic planning is still evolving there. With the help of balanced scorecard creation consulting, it is easy to clarify the mission and vision of the company and use them in the organization’s operations. Whether or not your company has already the strategies set out, you can validate them and use them so that you can have a more comprehensive strategy that will cover all the most important aspects in your business. These are the customers, the processes, information technology and organizational aspects.

You can use the balanced scorecard to deploy your strategies successfully. Aside from that, you can utilize it as part of your Enterprise Performance Management or EPM system. All these and more can be attained only if you have generated the right type and structure of balanced scorecard for your business. There are several companies to offer balanced scorecard creation consulting for their clients but you have to look for an organization that is credible and has really helped their customers over the years. By the end of the training or the consultation process, you should be able to formulate a scorecard that is effective and useful.

There are a number of organizations that provide BSC consulting for numerous periods. It can be a partnership between you and the other company. They will aid you whenever you need assistance in the BSC creation. This is quite important because once you have created your balanced scorecard, it does not mean that you wills top there. You have to update, renew or revise your existing one in order for it to fit perfectly in the current times.

During the scorecard design training, you will learn how to create the strategy map for your business. This is quite essential as this will teach you how to organize your objectives and strategies in one diagram. When you have the strategy map, it is easier to create the BSC because you can use the map as your guide to determine which should be measured as well as the most important processes or situations in your business.

The Importance of an Online Marketing Consultant For Web Business Owners

In the world of web businesses, it has become highly important to hire a reputable online marketing consultant. Scotland web business owners can obtain cost-effective solutions from professionals who have had considerable experience in the industry. Through expert marketing consulting, you will be placing your business in a much more profitable position on the web. Internet marketing can help both small to medium enterprises and even established businesses on the web.

A reliable marketing consultant can help you achieve the following objectives within a targeted period of time:

Excellent rankings in major search engines

A search engine optimization consultant can help your website get high ranks in major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Once your website is already fully-developed, it needs to be optimised both for the audiences and the criteria of the search engines. When it comes to optimisation, a good consultant can provide you the most valuable options for your web business.

Once your clients are able to find your website without difficulty on web listings, it will be easier for your website to achieve the needed online traffic. Google is the current leader among search engines, so if your website is picked up by Google, this means better opportunity for higher website clicks. A search engine marketing consultant can provide traffic-generating strategies for your website, whether through natural or paid SEO techniques.

Having a Compelling and User-Friendly Website

You can use your website for marketing and advertising online. However, if you do not know how to make the best use of your website, you can hire the services of an Internet marketing consultant. Furthermore, your website needs to be user-friendly and easily navigable as well. It is not enough for your site to be attractive to online visitors; it also needs to have compelling content and user-friendly features. Ease of navigation will allow your site visitors to check out the offerings of your site effectively thereby helping them make decisions faster and more often than not in your favor.

Effective Targeting to the Right Markets

Online marketing companies can help your web business deliver the right types of products and services to the right types of clients. When you are not able to determine the right market for your existing products, it will be difficult for your business to establish a stable Internet presence. A good marketing campaign directed at your potential clients will help improve lead generation and eventually, web-based sales.

Internet marketing consulting can give your online business an edge among the competition. Through effective online marketing tactics, you can devote more time to the sensitive aspects of your business, while you leave the optimisation tactics to more experienced professionals. There are many benefits to be derived from an online marketing consultant. In Scotland, you will be able to find reliable consulting companies ideal for both small-time and established businesses.